Critical Core Skills (CCS)

Empower your team with the Critical Core Skills: 
To invest in their growth and drive your success.

The Future-Proofed Professional: 
Critical Core Skills For Career Adaptability

Enhance your skills and career by mastering the set of critical core skills highly valued by today’s forward-looking employers and organisations.

We have designed these transferable and diverse Critical Core Skills (CCS) to enable:
  • Individuals: Be versatile in building a solid career in the new economy and upskill yourself to contribute to the organization's success.
  • Organisations: To build agile and adaptable workforce as the foundation of their success.
Our Critical Core Skills will help to broaden and deepen the following family of competencies to successfully navigate the dynamic and changing digital business world:
  • Ability to Thinking Critically
  • ​Interacting with Others more effectively
  • ​Staying Relevant and contributing to the team’s


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Individuals need to capitalise on our CCS courses

To remain relevant in the digital age and to be a productive member of your multi-generational team. These soft skills, coupled with your technical capabilities will enable you to seize learning opportunities and develop your career.

Improve Your Employability

Our CCS courses will help make you the better candidate to be hired:
  • Develop skills that are highly valued by current/prospective employers.
  • Demonstrate to current/prospective employers that you have the skills and capabilities to succeed in your role.
Recommended CCS Courses:
  • Self-Management
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • ​Digital Fluency

Succeed in Your Job Role

Our CCS courses are even more important in your current job role:
  • Help you broaden and deepen the core skills you need to succeed in your organisation.
  • ​ Enable you to become more productive, and effective, which will result in better job satisfaction and success.
Recommended CCS Courses:
  • Self-Management
  • Creative Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • ​Influence

Supervise & Manage Teams

As you progress in your career, our CCS courses will help you work better in a team:
  • Harness the diversity to influence the team to collaborate work better together.
  • Enhance team productivity thru better supervision, managerial and people development skills.
Recommended CCS Courses:
  • Influence
  • Collaboration
  • Developing People
  • ​Building Inclusivity

Enhance Career Adaptability

In today’s dynamic digital era, our CCS courses help you to stay relevant and successful:
  • Acquire and deepen transferable skills and competencies to adapt to new industry requirements.
  • Increase career and learning agility to capitalise on new opportunities.
Recommended CCS Courses:
  • Adaptability
  • Learning Agility
  • Digital Fluency
  • ​Collaboration

How employers can benefit from our CCS courses

Organisations can supplement your employees’ technical skills with our CCS competencies to build nimble and agile teams or reskills your employees to transform your business for success.


Through our CCS courses, your Executives will learn to:
  • Become an effective and productive team member, generating great solutions, and collaborating with others for the organisation’s success.
  • Develop essential interpersonal skills, including communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution, to enhance working relationships with diverse stakeholders.
Recommended CCS Courses:
  • Creative Thinking
  • ​Decision Making
  • ​Collaboration
  • ​Digital Fluency


Organisations can leverage on our CCS courses to enable your Team Supervisors and Leaders:
  • Develop their team members by building an inclusive and collaborative culture for success.
  • Develop skills such as time management, problem-solving, and teamwork to help their team become more cohesive and productivity.
Recommended CCS Courses:
  • Building Inclusivity
  • Collaboration
  • ​Developing People
  • ​Sense Making


For your Managers, our CCS courses will enhance their:
  • Leadership, decision-making, and innovation skills to inspire their teams to success.
  • Sense making abilities to lead large and complex projects and motivate their teams for repeatable and sustainable success.
Recommended CCS Courses:
  • Building Inclusivity
  • Developing People
  • ​Sense Making
  • ​Adaptability

Organisational Changes

Organisations can manage changes better through our CCS courses:
  • Scaffold the critical skills needed for organisational transformation and changes to meet the evolving and customer requirements.
  • Support employee transition to new job roles by supplementing their technical skills with the necessary CCS for agility and adaptability.
Recommended CCS Courses:
  • Adaptability
  • Learning Agility
  • ​Self-Management
  • ​Digital Fluency

Thinking Critically

Beat the competition and stay ahead of the game by understanding how to think critically to make better decisions, applying techniques to enhance learning, and build confidence at work.

Course 01

Creative Thinking

To connect ideas or information to propose and test concepts, improvements and solutions which challenge current assumptions or ways of working.
Course 02

Decision Making

To follow processes to make decisions which achieve intended goals using given information and guidelines.
Course 03

Sense Making

To organise and interpret information to identify relationships and linkages. 

Interacting with Others

Build an inclusive, positive, and collaborative workplace environment by engaging others better through effective communication to achieve organisational goals through influence and teamwork.

Course 04

Building Inclusivity

To demonstrate sensitivity to the differences in diversity dimensions and perspectives to create a better workplace.
Course 05


To contribute to a positive and cooperative working environment by fulfilling own responsibilities, managing interpersonal relationships and providing support to others to achieve goals.
Course 06


To communicate with others to share information, respond to general inquiries and obtain specific information.
Course 07

Developing People

To create individual career and development plans, and support co-workers in performing their work activities.
Course 08


To demonstrate empathy to understand the feelings and actions of others and communicate in ways that limit misunderstandings and influence others on operational issues.

Staying Relevant

Master skills for learning agility and adaptability to manage yourself to stay relevant and employable, and productive in your organisation.

Course 09


To stay relevant by learning various techniques to help modify one's own/others’ behaviours and approaches to respond to workplace changes and evolving contexts. 
Course 10

Digital Fluency

To stay relevant by leveraging digital technology tools, systems, and software while performing own work processes and activities.
Course 11

Learning Agility

To understand learning preferences in order to identify learning opportunities that facilitate continuous career development.
Course 12


To exercise self-awareness by monitoring own behaviours and ways of working in personal and professional capacities, and implement techniques for improvement.


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